Running Jupyter Notebook on Windows

Before you can run Jupyter Notebook on Windows you will need to install Python, PIP (Python module manager) and Jupyter modules.

Steps to Run Jupyter Notebook on Windows

1) Go to your Windows Command Prompt (can type in cmd in windows search typically accessible in the bottom left corner next to the windows start button).

2) Once you see the Command Prompt window change to the folder where you want to store the files for your Jupyter Notebook work.

cd target-folder

3) Type in the following command to run Jupyter Notebook followed by pressing Enter key

jupyter notebook

The screenshot above is an example.

4) You should see the Jupyter Notebook open in a web browser. You may be asked which browser you want to open if you have multiple browsers installed.

There you have it. If you have any errors after running the command you probably don’t have python or pip installed. To install Python visit If you are missing PIP upgrade your Python version as PIP comes shipped with PIP for later versions. Installing Python and PIP is similar on all other operating systems.