How to find video files on the internet

Searching for video files on the internet should be easy. It is — if your video files are found on YouTube, Rumble, Vimeo or Bitchute.  What if you are looking for video files not found on those servers? It will not be easy unless you know some advanced search commands. Not only that you also need to know the various video file extensions or formats. The most popular video file formats include  mp4, avi, flv, mov, webm, and mkv. Constructing search commands for all these formats is not hard but it still requires advanced search engines knowledge. Enter Jump Query.

Searching videos with Jump Query across multiple search engines is a breeze. You simply enter a title of the video you are looking for followed by selecting the video option. For example, lets say you are looking for documentaries.

Please be cognizant that some videos may be copyrighted. Check the websites’ terms of service ahead of time. In most cases the videos you find through search engines are likely freely available for viewing within the website webpage context which may be better for viewing in any case. The search results  you will see most often with this method will be in the form of file listings with video links shown in the listings.

Happy searching and don’t forget you can also use to accomplish the same.