• Download File on the Web with CURL in Silent Mode - Here is the format of the command that will do just that. curl -s  --output myfile.pdf   The optional output argument specified the name of the file that will be used for saving the target PDF.
  • Updating PDF Metadata with the Exiftool by Phil Harvey - Most people don’t bother utilizing PDF metadata which can be crucial from the SEO and web accessibility perspective the minimum. If you are a Windows or a Mac user you can likely edit PDF metadata using one of the following 3 ways: Right-clicking on the PDF file then going to the properties for the file (e.g. Details tab) Opening the […]
  • Running Jupyter Notebook on Windows - Before you can run Jupyter Notebook on Windows you will need to install Python, PIP (Python module manager) and Jupyter modules. Steps to Run Jupyter Notebook on Windows 1) Go to your Windows Command Prompt (can type in cmd in windows search typically accessible in the bottom left corner next to the windows start button). 2) Once you see the […]
  • Linux: Copy files and folders recursively from location A to location B - You can use: cp -a /locationA/.  /locationB/ or alternatively rsync -a locationA/  locationB Note: just change “locationA” with your source folder and “locationB” with your destination folder