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Unit 1 – Introduction & Installation

Items In This Unit


  • Introduction to GDevelop Game Engine
  • Installation


Initially, we will use a game engine that was used to create some pretty cool and successful games called GDevelop (https://itch.io/games/made-with-Gdevelop). It is very easy to learn and allows you to create great games. Here are some of its features:

  • Requires no prior knowledge of computer programming
  • Helps to easily combine your video game elements such as music and graphics together
  • Let’s game authors publish their games in various formats.
  • Can run in your web browser or you can download it and install it on your computer (I recommend downloading it and installing it on your PC or laptop).

Installing GDevelop Game Engine on Windows

Here are the installation steps.

  • To install GDevelop 5, open your web browser.
  • Browse to: https://gdevelop-app.com/download/
  • Click on the “Windows” button to start the download.
    In a moment your download should be complete.
  • Go to your PC downloads folder and double-click on the file to install our game engine.

    Your file name might look a bit different but that’s okay.

  • You may get a Windows warning window as follows

  • Click on “More info”. You should get the window to change and look as follows:

  • Click on “Run anyway”.
    You will now see the installation continue.

  • After installation is done you should have GDevelop 5 icon on your desktop.

Alright, there you have it! You now have the GDevelop on your Windows computer.

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