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PHP 1: Beginner Reference Sheet

Here is a beginner reference guide for the PHP programming language (click on this link to download) The attached cheat sheet includes the following topics.

  • Installing PHP on PC, Mac, or Linux
  • Installing Example Development Environment & IDE
  • Running PHP Programs from Command Line
  • Hello World in PHP
  • Checking your PHP version (once
  • Running PHP Programs from your IDE
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Variables: INTEGERS
  • PHP Variables: BOOLEANS
  • PHP Variables: FLOATS
  • PHP Variables: STRINGS
  • PHP Variables: Indexed Arrays
  • PHP Variables: Associative Arrays
  • PHP Loops: For Loop – Traditional
  • PHP Loops: Foreach loop
  • PHP Loops: While Loop
  • PHP Loops: Do-While Loop
  • PHP Loops – Break & Continue

Stay tuned for the intermediate version. Happy programming.

Note: you can use this cheat sheet any way you want as long the watermark is left intact. Thank you.

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