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Python 2: Intermediate Reference Sheet

Here is an intermediate cheat sheet for the Python programming language (click on this link to download). The attached cheat sheet includes the following topics.

  • Python Conditional statements – The if statement
  • Python Conditional statements – The if-else statement
  • Python Conditional statements – The if-elif-else statement
  • Python Match Statement
  • Python Multiline Strings
  • Python Dates
  • Python Math functions
  • Reading Files – text files (line by line)
  • Reading Files – text files into a variable
  • Reading Files – JSON files
  • Writing Files – text files
  • Writing Files – JSON files
  • Python Modules
  • Command Line User Input
  • Python Modules – Using PIP for Installing

Stay tuned for the advanced version. Happy programming.

Note: you can use this cheat sheet any way you want as long the watermark is left intact. Thank you.

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