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Unit 5 – Sound and Music Design

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  • Sound & Audio Design
  • MIDI
  • MIDI Software

Sound & Music Design

  • Early PCs didn’t have great audio
  • Music artists used Mac and Amiga computers to compose computer-generated music
  • While game audio is not a strict requirement, most games enrich their experience with rich audio
  • There are no limits today as to what kind of music or sound effects you can use in your games
  • You can record your own music or create electronic music freely online
  • You don’t have to be a musician to create your own sound effects and game song soundtracks


  • MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • It was designed by Roland and Dave Smith with the help of Tom Oberheim, and Adrian Scott.
  • The MIDI file format contains notes stacked in rows for each instrument for a musical song or composition.
  • A MIDI song requires much less disk space when compared to .MP3, .OGG or .WAV files as it does not store the actual audio
  • You cannot record voice in MIDI files

MIDI Software

Here is a couple of great MIDI online free tools to create songs and sound effects for your games:

You can use free online services such as https://www.zamzar.com/ to convert your MIDI song or sound creations to the popular .MP3 format.

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